Being at Peace (India: Public Health, Traditional Medicine, and Social Justice)

“This picture represents the unknown. The unknown of whether the people lying there are homeless and sleep in the train station or they’re just simply waiting for their train arrival. You can’t just assume and tell who’s homeless and who’s not, just like we can’t begin to observe situations and automatically believe that what we assume is right. That is the biggest lesson that I have learned thus far through the Indian culture.” –Lizet


“It’s always hard to depart from someone no matter in how much time you’ve known each other, or if you’ve known them for years, and have this great irreplaceable connection. GG had to go back to work with a group of students who will be lucky as we were. He is a person who I’ve truly come to admire for all the wonderful times he’s given to us and especially for the jokes no one else can say because they wouldn’t be as funny. He’s someone who I will never forget and I hope to see again. I found a second dad in him. Thanks for everything GG!!” –Lizet


“For the past few days, we have been staying at the Kayakalp Institute. Their slogan is “where health meets serenity.” They believe that a peaceful mind and soul is necessary for a healthy body. But what is peace? According to Merriam Webster, peace is defined as: “a state of tranquility or quiet,” but what does being at peace mean to members of our group?” –Hayley


    1. What does being at peace mean to you?

“Having high self esteem and a good support system while being able to appreciate and be grateful with what you have without needing something to fill a void” –Leah

“Being happy with my emotional status and not feeling like I’m missing out on something” –Brendan

“Finding internal happiness, no worries, no stress, and enjoying the little things in life” –Faith

  1. How do you find peace at home in the US?

“Going on walks and listening to music, hanging out with friends, and reading a book” –Leah

“Hanging out with my friends” –Brendan

“It’s hard to find peace in the US, but the only way I do find peace is through sports. Even though sports arouse a competitive atmosphere, for me personally, it creates peace in me, and it gets my mind off of everyday stress from daily responsibilities. It allows me to focus on one goal—to win.” –Faith

  1. And how have you found peace in India?

“Eating, getting to know the group, and taking in my surroundings” –Leah

“Meditating and taking time for myself” –Brendan

“Putting my phone away because it reels me in to the world I have back home, meditating, and just talking and laughing with my friends” –Faith


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