Group Love (Tanzania)

Although I just met these people, I feel like they are about to be some of my closest friends. Though distance may separate our physical presence in the future, I feel that we will always be connected at heart (and through our phones… thank goodness for technology!) But over these past two weeks, I’ve grown closer each day with everyone. I feel a bond is forming, and I trust and feel safe in their presence; we’ve welcomed each other so well. We might disagree and not get along at every moment, but I see the good in every single person. I’m grateful for my group and my wonderful leaders Tracy and Taylor, and for Lauren, our handy dandy camera girl. We push through no matter what, even if it isn’t perfect. When Devin was feeling homesick, we all made sure to try to help her feel better and get over that obstacle by making her laugh. For the most part, we share our thoughts and opinions respectfully. Lastly, we show that we are here for one another. For example, when my friend Ange wasn’t connecting with her homestay family, I went over to her house to keep her company whenever she felt awkward or lonely. From our first greeting at the JFK airport to the end of our homestay in Stahabu, I felt us grow closer. We took advantage of our long layovers, taking pictures and eating together in the Amsterdam airport. We also have fun group discussions and activities to keep getting to know each other almost every day. We look out for each other, and I’m glad I met this amazing group.



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