Leaving the Bush (Tanzania)

By Experimenter Christine:

Spending every moment with the same people for five whole weeks is not an easy journey. We’ve definitely had our ups, but there were also downs. As the trip is ending, I am reminded of all of our shared experiences; ones that provoke tears, laughter, and at times, sadness. I will miss everyone very much and I’m really glad to have gotten to know all of you at a deeper level. Below are some of our group’s favorite quotes commonly heard throughout the trip, silly phrases that made our difficult times a bit easier and our good times even funnier.

“Don’t come for me unless I send for you.”

“This is a T-mobile and AT&T conversation so sprint your way out.”


“Not today Satan, not today.”

“I’m weak.”

“You’re a mess.”

“Rafiki mnafki”

“Let me consult the oracle.”


“I’m going to be more sendy.”

“I’m gonna go roast.”


“You’re the type of wanafunzi we want to see in the world.”

cardsPlaying cards and reading books are some of the ways Experimenters relaxed in the bush.

christinepartyChristine sings and dances with Maasai host mamas on the final day in Engikaret.

giraffegroupOn a day when a herd of giraffe wandered close to the campsite, Maasai guide Peter took Experimenters for a closer look.

homestayAn Experimenter reads her thank-you speech to her homestay family in Swahili on the final day in Stahabu.

lastmealExperimenters wait for some Tanzanian barbeque for one of the last meals in Tanzania.

monaeeatingMonae eats wali (rice) the traditional style for our last Swahili meal in Tanzania.



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