Photos from Tanzania!

AflahacaciaExperimenter Aflah drags an acacia branch to fortify the campsite wall.

bomarepairExperimenter Christine wears work gloves as she repairs a boma with a mud mixture. Her jacket is also useful to keep warm in the often chilly bush.

afrirootskangajuly1bikingdarDuring the bike tour of Dar es Salaam, Experimenters learn about and purchase the colorful kangas and muumuus wore by Tanzania women.

bomabuildemmaExperimenter Emma works side by side with a Maasai mama to repair bomas, which are made out of a mud mixture.

goatsEngikaret is full of vast fields to graze goats, but cows must travel further due to droughts.

pwcdevinExperimenter Devin smiles with members of the Pastoralist Women’s Council, an indigenous women’s group which focuses on the economic self-empowerment of Maasai women through cattle ownership and traditional jewelry sales.

sheepMaasai shepherds herd huge herds of sheep and goats for hours every day.




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